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What do our Clients say about Katalyst

Kat and her staff are intuitive and creative regarding request for  talent. This is very helpful for providing the client with excellent 
choices. The agency is experienced with talent matters both in front of and behind the camera. I am happy to recommend Kat and Katalyst.
 - Mary Seguin Casting Director

Thanks, Kat, for the great work you do for me. You understand my "quality, not quantity" approach to casting film and commercial projects, and that makes you an agent I can trust...which is what the casting director/agent relationship is all about, right? I also appreciate your always cheerful attitude. Thanks for all you do!

 - Donna Belajac, Donna Belajac Casting


Over the past three years we have come to rely heavily on the talent that Katalyst provides us. Not only do they provide us with a wonderful range of individuals to choose from, the quality and experience of the talent is exceptional. Our assignments can often test the creative boundaries.  One week we're casting Mermaids, Big Foot, and Centaurs and the next Mountain Climbing Sherpa's.  Katalyst, takes

down the information and starts the search, day's later we will have lines of people at our doorstep to choose from. They are truly part of our team."

- Tony Arrrasmith, Arrasmith and Associates

Katalyst has bailed us out too many times to mention with their professional response and extensive talent roster.  They've always pitched in to support us on any project - both large and small.  Their people are great, show up on time and are prepared.  Katalyst understands the challenges we face and they're honest about the talent they represent so we don't waste anyone's time. They act like they are a part of the team instead of a talent agency. 

Greg Newberry, President, Animal Instinct Advertising

Kat and her staff are nothing but true professionals.  Katalyst is responsive and listens to our needs.  they follow through on schedules, Paperwork and make everything about the casting process easier. 

- Ryan Spalazzi, Bright Light Visual Communciations

My experience with Katalyst has always been very positive and professional.  The entire staff works hard and give you their full attention.  I always know I am going to get the talent I need. Their submits are always spot on what I have requested.  Their talent also show up on time and prepared. It is always a pleasure to work with the Katalyst team."

- Cindy Bashore, Freelance Producer


It has been a pleasure working with Kat and the crew at Katalyst. They have met every request, deadline and followed sometimes complicated direction to a 'T' in all of our dealings. They do what they say they'll do, and that means a lot to us!"

- Julie Schrimer, Creative Liaison to the studio of George C. Anderson Photography, Inc.

Kat has provided reliable talent on a continuous basis, sometimes at extremely short turnarounds.  Her website works well to match talent to specs or just tell her what the specs are and she'll send them for an audition.  She has even referred her competitors when they also provide exceptional service.  I will continue to use Kat when in need of talent.

- Jeff Ballou, FreelanceProducer

I love Kat. There, I've said it. It's true. Kat always goes above and beyound for me.  Kat reads the casting specs, thinks about who would be best suited for the job and actually provides excellent options.  She works for you and by working for you, she really works for her talent roster.  Kat cares deeply about providing the best service, best casting experience and best talent.  She is someone I can rely on 24/7. Kat is the uber talent agent, a real agent, like the kind you might find in Entourage only she doesn't curse. I just love her. Can you tell?

- Deb Price, Senior Producer, The PPS Group