I’d love to encourage any talent that is considering taking part in the ECAC program. Each person’s journey is different, but you can be assured of this: Kat has a heart for those seeking a career in entertainment; she has insight, fantastic connections to the industry, and boldness to seek out the best opportunities for her talent. As we arrived in LA, Kat helped us quickly secure a manager, Katrina Herlong, who has been an absolutely wonderful addition to our team. Kat has worked with Katrina to secure a variety of amazing auditions at some of the top casting offices in Hollywood. Managers and agents are a wonderful part of the equation, but especially when you first start out, it is important to gain as much experience as you can in front of the camera even if you have to seek it out yourself. We
have put a lot of effort into finding projects on our own, and Kat has been our biggest cheerleader and counsel or as we navigate the waters of possible projects on Actors Access and LA Casting. As eachopportunity arose, she was there to be a sounding board and encourager for us to keep pushing forward, and for Alicen to gain experience. As we head into another exciting leg of our adventure in LA,we are assured that Kat will be partnering with us each step of the way. Thanks Kat!

​Lisa  Mom of Alicen

Ella has been with Katalyst for many years and the development of the ECAC is the best thing to happen to and for the agency and the talent! The focus on the talent through the ECAC is immeasurable just in the first several months. Opportunities are arising through Katalyst like never before and prove that you do not have to live in LA or New York to audition for the best casting directors! Additionally, I love that Ella has made many friends in the ECAC and that they share the passion for acting. We also know that Katalyst truly believes in her talent and supports her. What more could a parent ask for on this journey?

Jen – Mom of Ella

When Kat invited Gretchen to join Katalyst's ECAC program, I had no idea what a game-changing experience it would be!  While Kat continues to be instrumental in Gretchen’s training and development, and continues to get a variety of auditions for her, Kat is also constantly working to get Gretchen seen by agents, managers and casting directors in other markets and at a national level.  The auditions she gets for Gretchen are high quality, often high budget, movies, television, commercials and other media, and have sometimes been directly, in person, with the casting directors for big Hollywood films.  I wholeheartedly believe that Katalyst is the agency to be with in the Midwest if you are interested in pursuing film and television at a national level.  I am so appreciative of the amount of work that Kat puts into developing her talent.  She forwards feedback, imparts wisdom, provides valuable resources, and has created a “community” with the ECAC program.  By being in the ECAC program, I feel like we have a manager and an agent all rolled up into one!  

Stephanie – Mom of Gretchen

Our ECAC program has been doing phenomenal things for our kids. The combination of top training, our Industry Leader workshops and our personal connections is proving to be unstoppable!

We are working very hard to develop and launch the stars of tomorrow!

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Being in the ECAC has a "family" feel - we are not only with an excellent agent - we are part of a family working toward one goal with each other together!

Tekoah – Mom of Bella