Ms. Kat and the Katalyst staff has been a wonderful blessing to our family.  She truly has an eye for great talent. Ms. Kat puts her heart and soul into making sure her talent achieves their dreams. 
We want to thank you for believing in Raymond’s voice and acting abilities.  Your faith, dedication, inspiration, and encouraging words helped Raymond to achieve his goals.   WE ARE SO GRATEFUL YOU’RE IN OUR LIVES.
Vicky and Raymond Sr. (parents of Raymond Davis)

Ms. Kat,
I want to thank you for this amazing journey and for all you’ve done for me. This would not have been possible without you.
You’re the best!!

Raymond Davis Jr, Booked in 2017 National Broadway Tour Mo'town the Musical

I never thought that one year with Katalyst would change my life so much. I saw an "open call" on Craigslist for a talent agency in Covington, Kentucky. I showed up on a Saturday and by the next week I had been signed on as a talent. The first job I booked was doing promotions for the Penske race team. Over the next 10 months I would book multiple industrial videos, a commercial, a web series and even an independent film. I also met Tony Goldwyn and the producers from Disney. All because of my connection with Katalyst. Katalyst held a workshop with Jennifer Millar from the prestigious Abrams Artists Agency. I attended and was auditioning for them within the next 3 days. After a few months it was decided that I should move to Los Angeles if I was serious about becoming an actor. I am now represented by Abrams for film/tv, commercials, and voice over. I have two fantastic managers and an acting coach. None of this would be possible without Kat. With her eye for talent and passion for the industry she has become a well known and respected agent not only in Kentucky, but Hollywood as well. I'd be lost in this business without Kat.

- Matthew A Gallagher

Katalyst' willingness to go the extra mile provided me with the opportunity to audition for a feature film and ultimately land a role opposite Alfred Molina. Thanks for the Hollywood connection!!

-Lancer Shull


As our daughter's local talent agent Kat has been remarkable. She is supportive, encourgaing and a tremendous mentor. Kat has brought Los Angeles and New York to Northern Kentucky. By providing productive workshops with prominent LA/New York talent agents, casting directors, and talent managers, Kat provides her talent with a cost effective way to display their talents. These workshops provide actors with the opportunity to present themselves to the LA/New York entertainment market while receiving constructive feedback from qualified industry leaders. These workshops open up opportunities right here in Northern Kentucky. Opportunities that most can only get when traveling to Los Angeles and New York.  Kat also has a strong connection to the local market for upcoming projects and works very hard to efficiently and effectively provide those audition opportunities to her clients in a timely manner. Kudos to Kat!'

- Tammy Bravo, mom of Ciara Bravo, Big Time Rush, Nickelodeon

Katalyst was a great place for me to start my professional acting career.  Besides the experience I gained auditioning locally, I was able to intern in the office to learn more about business.  I knew I wanted to expand my career to Los Angeles and Katalyst was a huge help in

getting set up in the national market." 

- Galadriel Stineman - Ben 10: Alien Swarm, Cartoon Network, The Middle, ABC


What do our Talent say about Katalyst

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I just want to say how fun and amazing this journey has been. When Taylor and I first got with Katalyst it was great. Ms. Kat was just working and working for us. Everyone just needs to know Katalyst is one of the best agencies ever and they will work for you. They are very nice and will keep you in the loop of everything. Katalyst prepared us for everything and gave us lots of exposure by providing us audition opportunities in Los Angeles. She also made remarkable connections for Taylor and me which resulted in LA representation and training. I just want to say that I am so grateful for meeting Ms. Kat and being able to work with her. Katalyst is top pick and we could not do this without their team!

Dejean "Like the Mustard" Deterville


Katalyst provided me with the proper connections with manager Lori Knight to make it out to Hollywood. They offer support connections with other actors in LA when you have a question or if you feel discouraged. Kat was the first step of many for me into Hollywood success,

thank you Kat!

- Adam Gregory - Bold & the Beautiful


Being associated with the Katalyst Agency has been such a pleasure. Kat McEntee is a charming professional who is personally invested in her client's successes. 

- Patricia Gaines


My child was new to the industry when we found Katalyst. Someone shared with me as a parent I needed to find an agent that "believed in my child as much as I did". I found that in Katalyst and Kat McEntee. Our experience has been more than we could have ever hoped for!

Kristia, Forrest's mom

Julia, 12 has had a professional relationship with Katalyst for 2 years.  Kat and her staff have done a wonderful job getting her lined up for auditions, jobs, training for kids in film and exposure to agents in LA and NY. Working with the staff has been a very pleasant and professional experience. My daughter enjoys the interaction with the staff and knows everyone on a first name basis! Katalyst's contacts and good reputation make it possible for her to be considered for projects in film, commercials and print ads, which she passionately loves doing.  Thanks for everything!

- Shari, Julia's mom


Our experience with Katalyst has been great! Lots of opportunity for auditions. Within a few months of contracting with Katalyst, my children were booked for a national commercial! Thanks Kat!

- Lisa, Janie, Joseph & Jonathan's mom


My children becam a part of Katalyst after a successful and non-intimidating audtion.  They were only 2 and 4 at the time and Kat was starting her business from scratch.  After I realized that you didn't have to be a certain "look" to be a part of Katalyst's roster, I auditioned as well.  (at 30 yrs old and a size 12???) Surprisingly enough I have worked more than my children because of the supply and demand for my age group!! My family joined Katalyst with no experience or knowledge in the world of acting or advertising.  Kat is a very professional and ethical person. Myself as well as my children found ourselves very at ease in her presence. She has been very patient and understaning to our "ignorance" about the business.  We have been with Kat for three years now and it has been a fun and entertaining experience. Kat genuinely wants to see her people grow, blossom and become successful.  Kat also has wonderful instincts, she knows who would be right for what job and why, right off the top of her head.  In my opinion these traits simply mean she is passionate about what she does.  Thanks for all the great opportunities Kat, you have been a light in our lives!! Here is to all your GREAT success and to all the more around the bend!!

- Candace, Mom of Teddy and Cecie​