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Education & Training

If you wish to work in the acting and modeling fields you need to train. Gone are the days when you are discovered one day and on set a few months later. If you want to compete to be in film & television you need to train with top notch coaches that regularly work actors that work in film & tv. Many top coaches can coach via Skype. So where you live is no longer a hindrance to getting the training you need. 

If you wanted to compete in the Olympics you would not expect to qualify and compete without years of training and training with the best coaches you can find. Acting is the same way. Many of the best actors who are working still work with their favorite coaches.  

Because we know this to be true we bring in top acting coaches to various regions in the country to work with our actors. We also take a handful of our talent on an educational tour to Los Angeles. Click on the learn more button below to be taken to information about upcoming educational opportunities. 

Below is a list of some of the acting coaches we recommend. 

Most of these coaches do Skype sessions to coach for individual auditions. We recommend that if you have been requested to audition for a series regular role or lead or supporting role in a project to get coaching. Not every coach is for every actor. Find the one's you or your child respond to the best. Some may be great at comedy but not so good at drama. You may also find that a coach works great with yourself or your child but then you seem to plateau with that coach. It is okay to change and add coaches to your arsenal. Especially during pilot season some of the best coaches fill up on their coaching sessions and may not be available when you need them because of your taping deadline. 

Some coaches feel that their way of coaching or acting method they teach is the only way to do it. That is not the case. There are many ways to act and it is up to you to decide what works for you. Think of it like a buffet. Take what you like and works for you and leave the rest. 

Joshua Lebar

Burbank, CA

Skype Coaching Available

Joshua is a working actor and producer in Los Angeles. He is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended LaSalle High School. Joshua went to Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana on a football scholarship, and graduated cum laude from Butler, with both Theatre Performance and Broadcast Journalism degrees. Upon graduation he performed in Othello at the Indiana Repertory Theatre and was directed by Scott Wentworth.

Joshua is best known for his work recurring six years on the hit HBO show Entourage.

​ Joshua has been teaching acting in Los Angeles since 2003. He has been a teacher or assistant at some of the most popular, well respected, and expensive acting schools in Hollywood. His classes offer some of the best value you can find in Los Angeles. What sets him apart from many other acting coaches in town, is that he is putting his process into action himself. He is currently working on some of the best shows on T.V, with 2015 being one of his best years to date. Joshua teaches actors of all ages and skill sets his process with the material. He covers what to do from the time you get the script, until you are shooting it on the screen. It gives the actor a consistent way to approach the material and master the material in a timely fashion, since most auditions give less than 48 hours notice. His clients have booked series regular roles, guest stars, co stars, and feature films.



Helen Gordon Studios

Sylmar, CA

Skype Coaching Available

Helen has been coaching acting in Los Angeles for over 18 years. As an accomplished trainer and creative force behind an industry acclaimed training center, Helen holds beginning and master classes for young actors. She offers Parent Consultations and Private Coaching, and has successfully coached many young performers to series. Helen was the on-set acting coach for the hit TV show, The Haunted Hathaways.


Walter Pridgen

Studio City, CA

Skype Coaching Available

Walter Pridgen is recognized as on of Hollywood’s top acting coaches for young actors. He currently works for Disney as an on-set coach for the new hit show, “GAMER’S GUIDE TO PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING”. Walter also coached on Disney’s “JESSIE” and was the on-set coach on Disney’s “KICKIN IT” for all 4 seasons. Walter has been training actors for over 20 years and has helped many young actors attain their goals of working in television and film. Walter’s classes, workshops and camps are recommended by many of Hollywood’s top talent agencies and managers.

(818) 754-4463

Cynthia Bain

Studio City, CA

Cynthia has been training young actors for 12 years and has established herself as one the premier coaches and performance consultants to young actors in the industry today. Her students include some of the top young actors in film and television.

Cynthia's uncanny understanding of the young performer is rooted in her own career as a young actor which started at age 14 when she was cast as a guest star in a top-ten TV show after her first very first audition. Numerous starring roles in feature films, MOW's, miniseries, network pilots and episodic television followed.


Andrew Magarian

North Hollywood, CA

Skype Coaching Available

Andrew has coached Taylor Lautner, Abigail Breslin, Brie Larson, Emma Roberts, Natalie Portman, Dakota & Elle Fanning, Kirsten Dunst, Miranda Cosgrove, Neil Patrick Harris, Leelee Sobieski.

He has been hired as on set coach for One Tree Hill, Buffy Vampire Slayer, Promisedland, Daddy Day Care, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Fox, Universal & CBS.

Andrew Magarian, the founder of Simply Acting, Inc. continues to be the film, television and theatre industries most sought after acting teacher, coach and director's "right hand man" after more than 25 years.

Andrew trains and mentors his clients today at Simply Acting, Inc. through group class settings, private in studio and internet coaching as well as on location when appropriate.

His technique fine-tunes a strong moment-to-moment foundation process, enabling actors to succeed from preparation, audition and finally as professionals working on the stage, screen and all areas available for work as an actor.


The Groundlings

Los Angeles, CA

The Groundlings School offers improvisational classes in a structured atmosphere, taught only by teachers trained in the Groundlings program.


Team Greatness ATL "Youth Acting Champions"

Atlanta, GA

Neko Parham is one of my favorite coaches in the Atlanta area. 

TeamGreatness is a youth acting conservatory founded and run by actor, writer, photographer, & filmmaker, M. Neko Parham, commonly known as "Coach Neko". Here at TeamGreatness, we've found a very unique way of combining 'sports training' into an intense acting program. 

Our number one goal is to TRAIN and PREPARE for the “Major Leagues” of acting. THE BIG TIME! Because of our hard work and dedication, our TeamGreatness Troupe have already landed major roles in mainstream film & television, including ABC, CBS, NBC, HBO, CW, MARVEL, UNIVERSAL, NETFLIX, LIFETIME, BET, AMC, OWN, DISNEY, PARAMOUNT, & LIONSGATE………….And we are far from done!

770 676 2814

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