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Your Photo is Everything

Your photo is everything! It is what gets you in the door and requested by casting. I have had amazing actors with poor photos who rarely get requested by casting. I have had raw beginners with exceptional pictures get requested for audition for series regular and lead role auditions. 

Picture quality is extremely important. Poor quality images will keep you from being noticed. It is important that you submit professional looking pictures for the Katalyst website, your Actor's Access profile, and the other industry sites we use. If you do not already have professional pictures and you want to compete for the top jobs you must to go the professional route. 

Again, I cannot stress enough how important pictures are. Usually, your first introduction to a client will be through your picture. If you have bad pictures it tells the client that you are not serious about this work and they will not waste their time scheduling you for an audition. If you want to increase your chances of getting jobs, the first and most basic requirement is good, professional, industry geared pictures.

It should also be noted that poor quality images will not be posted on the Katalyst site or on the other industry sites we use heavily to submit talent. Without an image on these site you can still be submitted for jobs, but the client will probably not consider or even look at your audition.

When you schedule an appointment with a photographer please email Sydney ( with your appointment date and the photographer’s name. Always make sure the photographer you use has experience with taking pictures for the acting and modeling industry. All images are not created equal. A picture you would like to hang on your wall at home usually will not be the same type of image we can use to effectively market you to clients.

Photo Shoot Do's & Don't's


Fix your hair

Women & Teen Girls hire someone to do your hair and make-up

Wear clothes that fit properly

Wear clothes that are comfortable

Wear solid colors

Smile for some of the pictures

Take a variety of photos, happy, sad, angry. Think of the different roles you may play and how you feel as those characters and let the photographer catch those emotions. 

Get a good nights rest before the shoot

Show up early: give time for traffic or getting lost

Listen to the direction your photographer is giving you. 



Wear stripes, plaids, crazy patterns, bright white, or dark black

Wear too much make-up

Wear accessories, these are your photos to promote you as an actor or model. In essence you are the product you are selling, not the jewelry or clothing you happen to be wearing for these shots. 

Look like you hate the process of getting your picture taken

Wear clothes that are wrinkled

Let your bra strap show

Bring your whole family with you

Photographers we Recommend

You are not required to use the photographers we recommend. These are listed for your convenience. 

Kentucky Photographers

JRyan Photography

James Ryan has a fantastic eye and is reasonably priced. Located in Northern Kentucky

859 384 7581

Nicole G Photography

Nicole is a Northern Kentucky native with a great eye!

859 468 7286

All About That Face

Shawn Carter is a fantastic headshot photographer based in Northern Kentucky. We highly recommend him.

California Photographers

Ona Photography - Ashley Johnson

One of my All time Fav Photogs in LA Ashley Johnson!


Ohio Photographers

Mikki Schaffner

Cincinnati, OH

We have worked with Mikki for many years now and she never disappoints!

859 322 8665

Krista Silz

Cincy Photo Pro

Cincinnati, OH

Krista's clients always rave about her work!

513 324 4206 

Georgia Photographers

M. Neko Photography 

Atlanta, GA

I love Neko's work! Great option for the Atlanta area.

770 676 2814

Pennsylvania Photographers

Paul Sirochman Photography

Philadelphia, PA

Paul is a great option in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

215 629 1119

Thurner Photography

Pittsburgh , PA

Becky Thurner, recommended by regional casting director. 

412 216 0696

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