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How to submit yourself for representation. 

To submit yourself or a child for representation please fill out the information below. Also email photo and resume to

Be sure to include a video link of your demo reel. If you do not have a demo reel video tape the talent doing a short monologue or commercial. Upload it to Youtube or Vimeo. 

Please note that if accepted for representation by Katalyst the agency does have a $200 annual administrative fee. The agency goes through a great deal of expense and effort to bring opportunities to our talent and it takes many talent some time before they successfully book a job. Since the agency is spending time and money on the talent before they are bringing anything into the agency we defray a small part of this cost through the administrative fee. If you are uncomfortable with paying this fee then you should not submit yourself for consideration. 



Parent Name


Email Address*

City, State*

Audition Link

Talent Scout who referred You

Please list your social media links.

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