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At Katalyst  we like to support our talent and families in all they do. Here are some companies and businesses owned by some of our talent's families. If you need products or services they supply we encourage you to support them. 

We Duet All Event Planning

We work with Valerie over at We Duet All. They can help you with everything from fully planning the event, or just providing the entertainment or centerpieces. They can do as much or as little as you need. They also provide princess & super hero visits. They have bands, magicians, fire eaters, impersonators.  All of the princesses do sing. They have worked with everyone locally from Children's Hospital to TQL to Coney Island & P&G. As well as plenty of home and location based birthday parties. To book a character or for help with your next event give us a call at the office or email and we will have Valerie assist you. 

My Choice Chocolates

Are you looking for that special gift for someone or want to impress that new client or who you hope to be a new client?  My Choice Chocolates can create a custom arrangement made out of top grade chocolate. You choose the design, the type of chocolate and the flavor and tell us your budget and we make it work. Arrangements start at $25 and go up from there. We can even create custom molds. All chocolates are gluten free and certified Kosher. To place an order or with questions give us a call or email  and we can connect you with Valerie and her team. 

Would you like to raise funds for your kids team, drama group or charity. Reach out to us and we can set up this fun flavorful fundraiser for you. 

Beauty Counter & Nutritional coaching by Christina Swigart. 

I actually have created a link tree page which has links to all of my different ways to get info/interact including websites, facebook page, and ways to get free skin care samples! So, that is included below along with email, phone, etc. I have also included a brief description for Beautycounter and my nutrition business. Let me know if you think I should make any adjustments or if you need anything else from me. I hope to be a part of the next meeting even if I have to do it from the hospital (hopefully we'll be home by then)!

Here is the linktree link:


We are the leader in safer and cleaner beauty products! Our skin absorbs so much, including all of the toxins from the various kind of beauty products we use. As actors/young people, it is so important to have a healthy and effective skin care regimen to help keep the skin clean from various makeups that are used and to help prevent those unwanted blemishes. If you are looking for a safer alternative that actually feels wonderful and works, I would love to help you! Visit the following link to access my skin care quiz to find out what is best for you (and/or your child) and I would be happy to send you some FREE samples!

Practical Nutrition

In our busy and stressful lives, we often grab quick and easy foods that maybe are not always what is best for us. This can lead to metabolism issues, low energy, skin problems (good skin care is key, but chronic issues are often related to something going on inside of the body), headaches, trouble sleeping, hormonal imbalance, digestive problems, and the list goes on! If this is something you or your child struggles with, I, as a Licensed Nutritionist, would be happy to set something up to give you some guidance and support. It is not easy making changes, but it is so advantageous to have someone help along the way. You can find a link to my website (Practical Nutrisiton) at the following link or my contact info below if you have questions or would like to set something up!

Contact me for questions on beauty products or nutrition:


Phone: 651-335-2334

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