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Kat McEntee

Agent, Owner & Relationship Marketing Expert

Kathleen "Kat" McEntee is a graduate of Notre Dame Academy in 1986. She received her BA in Theatre from Northern Kentucky University in 1992.

She went on to work in regional theatre.

She spent some time in New York City before returning to the tri-state area. She worked as the Children's Agent at Creative Talent before moving to LA. She co-starred in the ABC MOW "The Christmas Tree" directed by Sally Field. She also appeared in the pilot of ABC's "The Hughley's" She appeared in numerous independent projects & commercials.

While in LA she worked for Rand, a world renowned think tank. She later worked for the inFILM Network and created their Film Commission HQ brand. There she worked her way up to Vice President. She moved back to Kentucky to assist with ill family members.

She opened Katalyst in the fall of 2006.

Specialties: Relationship Marketing, Customer Care & Retention, Booking actors and models for commercials, print work, film and tv. 

Relationship Marketing for Business & Sales People

Relationship Marketing is focusing on building your relationships with your customers and potential customers by reaching out to them in a genuine and authentic manner. Kat has become an expert in this technique. She has been mentored by some of the top experts in this field. In her journey as an entrepreneur she has developed a passion for helping fellow business owners and sales people grow their businesses by building better relationships. 

If you would like to set up a free consultation feel free to email to schedule a time. 

One of the best tools she uses is at 


Entertainment Industry Career Coaching

Kat regularly coaches and helps advise talent with the agency. Often times talent outside the agency or formerly with the agency reach out for additional advice. If you are not represented by the agency and are seeking this type of coaching it can be purchased here. Rate is $150/hr. 

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